La Tuna Post-Fire Information

This page was specifically created to inform the Burbank community on the mitigation and preparedness efforts the City of Burbank and its allied supporting & cooperating partner agencies are taking post-fire and provide those impacted by the recent La Tuna Fire with information and resources so they can take appropriate steps to mitigate their property and prepare as well.  Although we are trying to provide as much information and address as many concerns as possible, we understand that we may not have all areas addressed immediately and we will update this page as often as new new information is available.  Please check back frequently for updates.
Immediately following the La Tuna Fire, the City of Burbank quickly realized the potential impacts the burn could have on residents and the City.  The City of Burbank assembled a multi-discipline task force consisting of various City Departments.  This task force is working closely with the other impacted Cities (Glendale & Los Angeles) as well as with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works Flood Control District, Los Angeles County Fire Department Forestry Division, United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service and other various subject matter experts.

Personalized Engineering Advice:  The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works had Engineers in the burn area above Burbank before the fire was declared 100% contained.  These personnel were surveying the burn area in and around the watersheds and evaluating the impact the burn would have.  Los Angeles County Department of Public Works Engineers will be meeting with residents where their property is directly impacted by the burned watershed (those properties within the watershed that directly abut the hillside slopes that are either burned or directly below or adjacent the burned area).  These Engineers are evaluating each property separately and how storms could potentially impact their property and are providing personalized engineering advise and education to those properties.  If a resident is not home when the Engineers attempt to make contact, they will leave information at the address for the resident to call and schedule time to meet (to contact LA County Public Works regarding this process please visit or call 800-675-4375).  The County is moving as quickly as possible, but this process will take several weeks, so we ask residents to please be patient.

Debris Basins:  The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works has and maintains several debris basins within the City of Burbank. Debris basins are typically located at the mouths of canyons and are there to capture the sediment, gravel, boulders, and vegetative debris that are 
out of the canyons during storms. The debris basins capture the material and allow the water to flow into the downstream storm drain system.  County Public Works is planning on clearing these debris basins out to allow maximum free capacity prior to the storm season, work may begin on clearing these debris basins as soon as the week of October 1st.  County crews will typically work from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.  There will be truck traffic in the residential neighborhoods near these debris basins and we understand that this may be an inconvenience, but this work is absolutely necessary to prepare for the upcoming storm season after the fire.  Trucks will follow a prescribed truck route to minimize the impact in residential neighborhoods (click here to see the haul routes).  The City of Burbank also has and maintains a handful of smaller debris basins, the City is also cleaning out these debris basins to ensure maximum capacity is available.  During a storm, you may see an increased presence of City and/or County personnel in and around the debris basins monitoring their capacity.  You may also notice the water within the basin rising, this is not necessarily a concern; basins are designed so debris sinks to the bottom and water will still flow out the outlet tower.  Following any storms, County and City Public Works will clear out the basins as quickly as possible.

As more information is made available, this page will be updated.  Please check back frequently.