Burbank, Glendale & Pasadena Join Forces to Prepare Residents for El Niño

Post date: Nov 30, 2015 11:31:46 PM

The cities of Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena are working together to provide important safety and emergency preparedness information to help the public prepare for an El Niño event. The cities are working to help residents understand the risks of heavy rainfall and the necessary preparations that everyone should be engaged in. The three cities are pleased to announce the launch of their comprehensive El Niño preparation website www.ElNinoReady.org and @VerdugoAlert.

ElNinoReady.org will have extensive content, including a series of plans and safety precautions residents can take to prepare for wetter-than-average weather conditions. Residents will be able to receive information from their respective city, and sign up for additional emergency alerts. Information detailing sandbag use and availability for each city, flood preparation and recovery, rainy weather safety tips, and animal preparedness are just some of the topics covered on the new website.

@VerdugoAlert is being launched to work in concert with the various other social media platforms, such as @BurbankCA, @MyGlendale and @PasadenaGov. In an emergency, regardless of whether you have signed up for emergency alerts, information will also be shared as it becomes available through these social media platforms.

We encourage our residents to prepare, plan, and stay informed.