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Are You Prepared For Rain This Winter

So, El Nino may have been a bust on Southern California; however El Nino did appear, its just that it appeared in Central and Northern California, but we did get higher than average rainfall here in Southern California last winter.  So this year the prediction is for La Nina.  What is La Nina, well in simple terms, its a drier than normal year.  So you are wondering, if its a drier than normal year, "what do I need to do to prepare?".  Well, although we may have a forecast for drier than normal, it just takes one good storm and your roof not being prepared to cause significant problems or even worse, a partial or full roof collapse.  As tress shed their foliage in the Fall and Winter, leaves end up on roofs (in the valleys and gutters of pitched roofs and around scuppers and internal drains of flat roofs) and this could cause blockages to the drainage of rain water.  One gallon of water weighs eight pounds, so water sitting on a roof, especially a flat roof, can add up fast.  Make sure you clear valleys on a pitched roof of any debris and built up leaves and inspect and clean scuppers, internal drains and gutters out before every predicted storm.