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The City of Burbank is a great city, whether you live here, play here, work here or are just visiting, this site will provide you with valuable preparedness and safety tips, information and news.   The Burbank community enjoys exceptional emergency services on a day-to-day basis, but when a natural or human-caused disaster strikes, these emergency services can quickly become overwhelmed.  This site will help provide you with the valuable information needed to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from a significant emergency or disaster.

Brush Fire Season

Brush Fire Season seems like a never-ending season in Southern California; however, believe it or not true brush fire season will be upon us soon.

In April, the Burbank Fire Department mails out notices to property owners in the Fire Hazard Reduction Area requesting brush clearance to be completed by June 1st.  Beginning June 1st, the Burbank Fire Department will begin inspections of the Fire Hazard Reduction Area.

The goal of the Burbank Fire Department is to establish a fire-safe community through voluntary compliance of informed property owners and residents. 

We encourage our residents to prepare, plan, and stay informed. 

For more information on planning preparing for a potential Brush Fire Brush Fire Preparedness.

For more information on brush clearance, including maps of the Fire Hazard Reduction Area click here.