Burbank Public Works
124 South Lake Street, Burbank CA 91502


The Street and Sanitation Division of the Burbank Public Works Department offers sandbags to residents of Burbank. Those in need of sandbags should visit the Field Services Administration Office between the hours of 7:00am and 4:00pm weekdays with proof of residency. Residents can pick up as many as 25 sandbags. Businesses are also eligible to receive up to 25 sandbags. If you feel that you require more, a representative of Public Works Field Services will go to your residence and help you determine how many more may be required, and authorize issuance of additional sandbags if deemed appropriate.

Sandbags must be picked up by the individuals needing them. Under extreme emergency conditions, it may be possible for the City to deliver the sandbags to the front of your residence. Placement of the sandbags is the responsibility of the property owner.