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Filling and Placing Sandbags:

  • Only fill sandbags approximately half full

  • Place sandbags lengthwise parallel to the direction of the flow of water with the open side of the sandbag facing the flow of water

  • Fold the open flap down and back under the full sandbags pulling the bag as taught as possible

  • Place sandbags as close to each other as possible with no gap or space between bags

  • Stamp down each sandbag after placing to fill any empty spaces and form a tight seal between bags

Sandbag Limitations:

  • Sandbags do NOT keep water out!!! Sandbags are to channel debris and to some extent channel water

  • Sandbags are best used for low-flow protection, short distance runs and heights under 2 feet (for high-flow, long distance runs or over 2 feet in height, other methods such as pipe & board should be used)

  • Sandbags easily become damaged or can deteriorate, sandbags should be inspected before and after every storm and be maintained, repaired or replaced as needed

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