Repopulating an Evacuated Area

Although the immediate obvious threat that caused an evacuation may have subsided, there may be additional hazards that may keep an area closed for some time after.

Following an evacuation, an area may be kept closed while public safety crews finish any mopping up of small isolated incident activity or complete investigations, while damage inspection crews asses the area or while utility and infrastructure crews make repairs.

In some situations, limited entry may be granted to residents with proper identification and proof of residency address in the affected area. In these situations, evacuees will be advised they may return to their residence to possibly gather additional items or asses their individual damage; however you will not be allowed to actually remain until the evacuation has been lifted. Depending on the situation and circumstances, insurance adjusters or contractors providing repair estimates may be allowed entry with the evacuee. If conditions or circumstances warrant, evacuees may need to be escorted into the area by incident personnel.

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