Household (whole family) Disaster Kit

A household (whole family) disaster kit is a larger kit usually not intended to be portable to take with you. Along with a household disaster kit, each member of the household should have a smaller individual (personal) kit that is smaller and portable and meant to be grabbed and taken with the individual.

A household kit is a collection of food, water and other emergency supplies to allow you to be self-sustaining at home following an emergency. A household kit should provide enough food and water for each person for a minimum of 3 days; however 7 to 10 days is highly recommended. There should be enough water to equal 1 gallon of water per person per day.

Kits can be purchased commercially or simply put together in a bin or large utility bag. Kits should be stored indoors. Make sure and rotate food and water as necessary (visit our Food Supplies and Preserving and Storing Water pages for more information).

Don’t wait, start to put a kit together today!

Download and print the Ready Burbank Emergency Supplies Guide & Checklist below (this document will help you put together your home emergency kit).

Emergency Supplies (BW).pdf